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Biochar is a fine-grained, porous charcoal-like product formed from the thermochemical combustion of biomass in the partial or total absence of oxygen. Properly produced and utilized as a soil amendment, biochar offers one of the world’s only carbon-negative technologies for helping to combat global climate change, while also revitalizing and enhancing the health and fertility of the world’s soils. If practiced on a large enough scale, biochar production and utilization could offer a low-technology, high-impact tool to help reduce global emissions of greenhouse gases.

Biochar systems in the rural and developing country context can also help to alleviate soil degradation, desertification, and poverty, while enhancing food and agricultural security, energy security, and sustainability.

Information on Biochar

Biochar Articles

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Biochar Projects

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Biochar in the 2008 Farm Bill

  Biochar Research-2008 Farm Bill: (501 KB)

Biochar Presentations
  Biochar and Terra Preta Webcast: Black Gold Agriculture: 6/2008

The International Biochar Initiative (IBI)
The IBI is a consortium of research, commercial, and policy-oriented institutions and people devoted to the sustainability of the world’s soils, and to sustainable bioenergy production.
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The Ohio Biochar Demonstration Project:
This Project will address nonpoint source agricultural water quality issues in the Great Lakes Basin.
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Terra Preta

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 Terra Preta: Black is the New Green -Nature article: 8/2006 (1.61 MB)
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